A Home Sleep Study Process

If you think you need a home sleep study, here are the steps to follow:

1.   See Your General Practitioner. Your GP will fill in a Referral Form
2.  Request your GP Medical Centre to fax it to us on 07 3381 9025
3.   We will call you to set an appointment
4.   We will come to your home on the night of the appointment
5.   At appointment time, ensure you have showered and are dressed in decent sleeping clothes
6.   Our Sleep Technician will come to your home and attach the portable sleep test equipment on you
7.   Limit your activities for the night and go to bed early so the testing equipment can capture sufficient sleep data
8.   Next morning, remove the sleep test equipment, pack it carefully in its bag, and return it according to your sleep technician’s instructions
9.  Your Sleep Technician will contact you when your Sleep Study has been analysed by your Sleep Specialist
10.  We will advise you if you need to see the Sleep Specialist