Alice PDx Home Sleep Study Device

For our Home Sleep Studies, we use the Alice PDx, a  portable polysomnograph, a device for portable diagnosis of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders used by sleep labs, office-based doctors and home care providers. It provides for a 12 -16 lead channel study including leg movements. The Alice PDx is easy for the Sleep Technician to set up for the patient’s use in the comfort and privacy of their home.

The channels include:
7 Neuro Channels (EEG or EOG)
3 Differential EMG, plus references and ground
2 ECG providing measured and derived channels
Pressured Based (with snore) and Thermal Airflow
zRIP Effort (Abnomen and Thorax)
SpO2 (also Pleth and Pulse Rate)
Body Position

It satisfies International portable testing requirements (for eg. A.A.S.M.levels II, III and IV) and provides capabilities of basic screening to advanced diagnostic evaluation. The Alice PDx enables patients to be tested in their home without compromising study results and helps clinicians avoid the costs associated with retesting.

The Alice PDx Portable Sleep System is a winner in the 2010 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition, in the category of general hospital devices and therapeutic products.