Cpap Machines


CPAP machines are currently the most effective treatment for sleep apneaObstructive sleep apnea is a serious breathing disorder due to the many complications that come with it. However, it shouldn’t be a cause of panic. There are ways to cope with it, using CPAP machines being one of them.

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is prescribed by a Sleep or Respiratory Specialist.  CPAP is used in providing air pressure to keep your airway open and so avoid sleep disturbances. It also reduces your snoring which will make your bed partner a happier person.

The CPAP works by gently blowing air into the throat to improve the flow of air into the airways.  It uses a special mask fitted over your nose and mouth into which air is blown at a certain pressure. This pressure is set so it would be just enough to prevent sleep apnea.

The CPAP is a straightforward device once you get to know the machine. But its setup can be a complex activity for a newbie so a CPAP technician can set it up for you. The technician would need to make specific adjustments based on your sleep study and recommendations of your doctor.  Additionally, after the initial setup session, the technician may still need to see you for further adjustments to gain the best results for you. With this in mind, make sure that the service provider will see you again at little or no follow-up cost.

It is important that you communicate well with your CPAP technician so whatever discomfort you feel can be addressed. If the device is not properly setup, installed, or adjusted, it could cause some discomfort.

If the CPAP machine is a bit uncomfortable, your sleep technician can make some adjustments to get use to it. You can try a different mask for instance, or use skin moisturizer or other skin products for CPAP users to avoid skin irritation. To keep your jaw locked and the air in, use a chin strap. Don’t easily give up on CPAP. Instead, ask your sleep technician for ways to make it more comfortable to use.

In general, most sleep apnea sufferers start feeling better with continued CPAP treatment. There are treatments available other than CPAP, such as oral appliances you can get at a dentist, or even surgery. However the CPAP still has the highest percentage of success in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Here are some helpful tips on using the CPAP machine so you can quickly gain the full benefit from your treatment.


Obstructive sleep apnea may be aggravated by some habits or activities such as drinking and taking sedatives. Lessen your intake, if not totally get rid of them. Quit smoking as well. It will, of course, take some time. Many people who use cpap machines additionally try to keep a healthier lifestyle.


Keep an open and constant communication with your sleep technician, doctor or specialist. This is so that at least one of them can monitor your improvements and can warn you of risks, if there are any. This also allows you to inform them of any problem that may arise. Sleep or cpap technicians can monitor usage of cpap machines. In fact, it is ideal for your cpap technician to check your machine every now and then. You must keep in mind that the success of your treatment lies partly in communication with your cpap technician.


Educate yourself about CPAP machines. While you can certainly trust your cpap technician, doctor or specialist to inform you of everything you need to know about your condition, it is best that you research and study on your own. Find out more about the sleep disorder and the associated complications and risks and the care of cpap machines. The supplemental knowledge you obtain can help you understand your sleep apnea and treatment.